Who am I ?

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”- Buddha.

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Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog!  I am Sheeba, passionate about reading, cooking, travelling, shopping and Mathematics problem-solving. In my life’s journey as a daughter, wife, and mother, and stints as a customer service and financial planning executive, I have encountered several situations where I felt I should have been more knowledgeable or ended up thinking, “I wish I had known that earlier!” That’s the primary reason for me to start writing this blog. I am excited to share with you the wisdom, without the hardships. It is wise to learn from your experiences but isn’t it wiser to learn from others’  experiences?

Let’s talk about health, nutrition, green and natural living, faith, love, relationships and parenting,  interesting recipes- both healthy and fusion.Have you tried mixing ingredients from different cuisines to get the best and tasty results? Let’s try here!

Whatever has been written here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I don’t say that I know it all but sharing and caring are part of life, isn’t it? I would be happy if I can make a difference through this blog.

Thank you and happy reading!



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